December 1st, 2011

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One Length Irons

I’m an 18 handicap. Do you think I would benefit from same length golf clubs like those made from 1 iron clubs? It would seem that with all heads the same weight and lie, all clubs same length and ball in same position, that my swing would be more consistent.
Brian, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, USA


I am not a fan of 1-length clubs. Typically unless they are made 100% correctly, long irons are too light and short irons too heavy. Unless lofts are adjusted correctly, long irons tend to go shorter and short irons longer. The finesse shots around the green are more difficult as well with longer short irons. No major golf company is pursuing a 1-length set at this time and Tommy Armour Golf abandoned it over 15 years ago – thus there must be good reasons why each club is a different length.



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