August 20th, 2013

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Adams Irons Reshaft

I am currently playing the Adams Cb3 irons and love them, I have the KBS Tour 90 Stiff in them and am wanting to bring the ball flight down. Would you go with Px 6.0 or the C-taper? Suggestions?
Donavan, Lakewood, Colorado, USA


The C-Tapers are among the lowest trajectory irons available. The PX’s would bring flight down, but not as much as the C-tapers.



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Wilson Shaft Fat Shaft Irons

I just received a set of Wilson Staff Fat Shaft Irons from my Dad who recently passed away. The set has graphite shafts, is like to know how much it would cost to have them reshafted with steel stiff shafts and have them custom to fit me? Please help me with any information you possibly can. Thank you.
Mark, Fresno, California, USA


The Fat Shaft irons were not all that well received. As a result, replacement shafts for them are not readily available. Thus, switching shafts is not a viable option; even if it were, there are better playability options available today than the Fat Shaft irons.



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