November 13th, 2013

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Clubmaking as a Business

Hello, I’m an avid golfer wanting to enter into the business of clubfitting/clubmaking. I would like to have some advice on the best book on the market that treats the topic: the first machines to be purchased, their cost and the tools needed? What is the space that asks for the lab? Such as courses or certificates needed to start? Kind regards.
Alessio, Dimaro, Trento, Italy


This is a nearly impossible question to answer. The best way is to get the clubmaking book from Jeff Summit at and the fitting book from Tom Wishon at These will give you some ideas. You might also want to check out for tools. Basically, you can go as small as part of a room or as big as a store front. Mitchell Golf and Golfworks offer classes. Jim at Golfworks is as good as it gets as an instructor.

Hope this helps.


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