March 8th, 2014

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Mizuno Iron Shaft Replacement

I have a set of Mizuno MP-37 irons. Unfortunately I lost my 9 iron and have purchased a replacement head already. My questions is about the shaft that I need to locate. The irons came with Rifle FCM 6.5 shafts that are 1/2 inch longer than standard. Given that Rifle shafts are no longer made, I’m left looking for a used Rifle shaft that meets these parameters. What is the actual length of the shaft that I’m looking for? I found a 6.5 on eBay that’s 35.75 inches long, Will that work? its .355 tapered as well.
Hunter, Fairview, Texas, USA


That shaft should work. Without knowing the initial length of the shaft, I can’t say for sure though. Finding a raw uncut Rifle might be tough, so I’d go with the one you have found.


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