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Transition and Shaft Fitting

What difference does transition make in shaft fitting? Also does swing speed make a difference in kick point? Thanks.
Louis, Mount Vernon, Texas, USA


Transition (or tempo) influences the shaft weight you need. Quicker tempo is usually suited to heavier weight shafts. Swing speed alone does not relate to kick point. Kick point is influenced by a combination of factors including speed, tempo, angle of attack and path.



April 14th, 2014. Read more articles on Fitting and Shafts.

Graphite vs. Steel Shafts

I am 74 years old and a 12 handicap. At what club head speed should I change from steel shafts to graphite? What is the real difference between the two? Thanks.
Ken, Nanaimo, BC, Canada


there is no club head speed number to change as there are graphite shafts for all swingspeeds. The benefits of graphite include lighter weight,vibration dampening and generally higher ball flight. the lighter weight may help you swing the club just a bit faster for a yard or two more distance. If you like a lighter club, perhaps have some joint/muscle issues that could be helped by a softer feel or if you want to hit the ball higher, graphite may be worth a look.



February 25th, 2014. Read more articles on Fitting.

Driver Reshaft

I was considering trying a Grafalloy Comp NT 65 in regular flex for my Callaway X Hot Pro or Razr Fit drivers, both 9.5. My swing speed is around 95 MPH, sometimes higher. I was told this would be too stiff even in regular flex.
Jeffrey, Pitman, New Jersey, USA


If you have a fast swing tempo, it should work for you. Likely it will feel stiffer and hit the ball lower than the shafts in the clubs now.



January 8th, 2014. Read more articles on Fitting and Reshaft.

Ping Driver Fit

I was fitted to a Ping G15 draw driver with a 10.5 degree head and regular flex stock shaft. I hit the driver very well however I do not generate enough back spin 1800rpm. The ball will not stay in the air long enough to achieve max distance potential. How do I correct this issue or is it a swing fault that is causing the low back spin number?
Leonard, McKinney, Texas, USA


Without seeing you swing, it is difficult to say, but the Ping driver is not a particularly low spin club. I might look to a lesson to see why the spin and distance is low. If the swing is okay, a higher loft or lower kick shaft might be an option.



July 30th, 2013. Read more articles on Fitting.

Custom Fit Ping ISI Irons

Hi, When I was playing most my golf about 10 years ago I had my irons custom fit and was playing really well and used to play off scratch. I had to stop playing golf for work reasons and now have taken it up again. My irons are pretty much perfect condition and don’t really want to sell them so my question is… As my Ping ISI irons have been custom fit once can they get custom fit again? Look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards.
Craig W., Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


Yes, they can be again fit for any swing changes that may have occurred in the 10 years…you might also benefit from trying some newer irons with more current technology as well.



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