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One Length Irons

I’m an 18 handicap. Do you think I would benefit from same length golf clubs like those made from 1 iron clubs? It would seem that with all heads the same weight and lie, all clubs same length and ball in same position, that my swing would be more consistent.
Brian, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, USA


I am not a fan of 1-length clubs. Typically unless they are made 100% correctly, long irons are too light and short irons too heavy. Unless lofts are adjusted correctly, long irons tend to go shorter and short irons longer. The finesse shots around the green are more difficult as well with longer short irons. No major golf company is pursuing a 1-length set at this time and Tommy Armour Golf abandoned it over 15 years ago – thus there must be good reasons why each club is a different length.



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High Driver Trajectory

I seem to hit my driver too high with alot of backspin. Any suggestions. I have tried several different shafts with various kick points. Nothing seems to help.
Jon, Nutley, New Jersey, USA


Look to a lower lofted model. Loft will have a more noticeable effect on trajectory than will shafts.



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Wedge Shaft Fitting

Hi there, I’m a 3 handicap golfer playing a set of Snake Eyes irons with True Temper Dynamic Black Gold stiff shafts which I like, I would like to build a set of custom wedges should I go heavier or lighter with wedge shafts than my irons or softer or stiffer in frequency. I have done some research and it seems a lot of pros are going for softer flex wedge shafts could you please elaborate on above and advise which shafts would be a good combo against my irons many thanks in advance.
Richard, Limerick, Ireland


While there is no 100% answer that works for everyone, most players like their wedges a bit heavier and a bit softer. If the heads are heavier, the same shafts will play softer, so if you do this, it kind of takes care of both the weight and flex. If you want more, spin, try a shaft like the Spinner Dynamic Gold.



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Grip Measurement

Hi. Grip size question. Using the popular hand measurement system, what size grip would you fit someone whose measurements are A) 7.3/4′ and B) 3.3/16′? Thanks.
Shane, Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia


In all honesty, I have no idea what A and B measurements are and where they are measured from. Sorry.



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Mizuno Iron Fitting

Purchased set of MX300’s with KBS shafts last yr. Lost 10-15 yds. Recently took lesson & hit pro’s Mizuno’s with Exsar graphites. Gained distance back with less effort. Told KBS shaft was too heavy for me.

Had Golftown ship my irons back to Mizuno for their Grafalloy Pro Launch Platinum Axis shafts which I selected over Exsar shaft. Both graphite shafts are listed as shaft options for all of Mizuno’s irons including the MX300’s.

Recently told that the MX300 only took tapered shafts & their Exsar & Pro Launch graphite shafts were only straight shafts. Even Golftown were not clear as to why they were available last year and now weren’t suitable. They offered Project X which do not suit my swing. Can you advise me if the info that is getting back to me is correct? Do any of the Exsar or Pro Launch Platinum Axis offered by Mizuno fit into the MX300’s? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Dave, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


Both the Mizuno Exsar and the Mizuno Grafalloy fit the Mizunos – they are both options in the Mizuno fitting system. Why someone told you they do not fit is an error on their part. If you like the KBS, but they are too heavy, there is a KBS Tour 90 that might work.



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