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Mitchell Loft and Lie Machine

Jeff, I purchased a Mitchell Signature loft and lie, hybrid, and putter machine. Except for assembly instructions there were no instructions on it’s use. When I called them, they told me to bend the loft and lie on the hosel keeping the bending bar in line with the shaft. They told me that they had a club makers school that would show me this. After a week or so, I called them back with the intention to enroll in the class. When asked, what my main interest in the class was, I told them bending loft and lie on their machine. They told me, bend perpendicular to the machine. Now I know the two methods they suggested are not the same. I spent over $5000.00 for the equipment. Please give me specifics on the proper method. Thanking you in advance,
John, Wayne, New Jersey, USA


The guys at Mitchell are very good. I might suggest you call again and ask for Ed Mitchell. He can set you straight on all types of bending. That said, if it’s a lie angle bend, you will bend perpendicular to the floor – in effect this is also in line with the shaft. Loft bends are also done 90 degrees in relation to the floor. if you are doing both loft and lie, do loft first and then bend lie.



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Jeff, I met you many years ago when Dynacraft had there first repair school. I also believe we spoke before you went to Dynacraft and you were at another component facility.
I don’t have a golf question right now but wanted to text you to see where you are and what you are doing now. Are you currently connected with any golf company now? Stay well and hope are great with you.
John, Wayne, New Jersey, USA


Good to hear from you. I currently work with PowerBilt Golf, managing their worldwide licensees. I also own a range/fitting center in Granville, Ohio, Thanks for asking.



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Cameron Loft & Lie Machine

Is there a market for a numbered Scotty Cameron loft & lie machine?
Mike, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


There is a market for anything Cameron-related right now. As to value, check with Jim Butler at Table Rock Golf for a quote and additional information. Tell him Equip2Golf sent you.



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TaylorMade Club Comparison

I am contemplating taking a leap and purchasing a set of clubs on eBay. There seem to be some very nice options at much lower than retail price. I am currently hitting some aged TaylorMade Firesole irons with bubble shafts 1″ + (remember them?) and am looking at a set of TaylorMade R7 TP with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. Same 1″ +. What are the differences and my risks? I am a 10 handicap with a aggressive swing that hasn’t been measured in quite some time as far as speed. Any help appreciated.
John, Morgan Hill, California, USA


The clubs are polar opposite. Yours are light and designed for high ball flight. The others are stiffer heavier and are low ball hitting shafts. They are about as different as you can get.



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Iron Shafts

I recently purchased a set of Dynamic Gold SL shafts to install in my Mizuno MP 32 Irons. I noticed all of the shafts are slightly bent (or bowed) when rolling them on a flat surface. some are as much as 3/32″. What are shaft tolerances? Will having them pureed be worthwhile? If i do install them as is should i try and get the “bow” in a particular orientation? Thanks for the help.
Jim, Ponder, USA


What you are experiencing when rolling the shafts is the effect if the steps rolling on the flat surface. This is common. The shafts are not really bent at all.



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