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Callaway Iron Grips

What size grips do I need for my set of Callaway X20 irons with graphite shafts? Thanks.
John, Williamstown, New Jersey, USA


They will be .580 core.



June 29th, 2014. Read more articles on Grips.

Regripping Titleist Irons

I want to install oversize grips on my graphite shafted Titleist AP1 senior flex irons. Is there a certain size? .580 or .600? Thanks.
Dan, Battle Ground, Washington, USA


Most senior flex shafts are .580″.



December 27th, 2013. Read more articles on Grips and Specs.

Cobra S3 Grip Size

I want to re-grip my Cobra S3 irons. What core size grip do I need? They are senior shaft graphite.
Kurt, Mobile, Alabama USA


They are almost certainly .580″.



November 26th, 2013. Read more articles on Grips.

Armour Ti 100 Regrip

I have Armour Ti 100s and they need grips (real bad) Where can I get them or is there a replace that will fit? Thank you.
Michael, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


I am assuming they are .600″ butt diameters. Any 60 core grip will work.



February 10th, 2012. Read more articles on Grips.

Titleist Irons Regrip

I am about to install Titleist DCI Tripsec OS+ Graphite shafts (stiff) into a set of Titleist 775 Forged CB iron Heads. They were both advertised as .355 taper tips. Will these work together? I am unsure what the correct grip size is for the shafts. .600″ or .580″.??? I was considering the Tour Velvet, or the GP New Decade Multi-compound as I typically do not play with a glove. Suggestions?
Myrton, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA


Assuming both head and shaft are .355″, then there is no problem. Stiff shafts are generally .600″ but, so a 60 core grip will yield standrad size. Tour Velvet will feel softer than the Decade.



March 23rd, 2010. Read more articles on Grips.

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