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Armour Ti-100 Regrip

Yup. I know these are old big butt clubs, but I love them. I need to re-grip an Armour Ti-100 Irons with Aldila Reg. Flex Graphite Shafts. The measurements are:

Butt End: .837
2″ down: .773
4″ down: .706
6″ down: .649
end of grip: .550

I can still get TaylorMade Crossline Bubble .680 grips, or Tacki-mac Pro Lite .865, or KelMac Pro-lite 865 grips. I am a Std + 1/32″ mid size hand size. Which grip would be the best for me and more importantly would fit the best? If there is another grip you could recommend that would be fine also. Thanks for your time.
Dan, Anaheim, California, USA


Either of the .865″ grips will be better. You may have to use some build up tape to get them the size you need, but they’re the better choices.



March 23rd, 2010. Read more articles on Grips.

Regripping Supplies

Hi Jeff, I’ve been using Maltby’s grip solvent for regripping clubs.  Is paint thinner or low odor mineral spirits okay for this purpose?  I am concerned about “toxicity” of both those “solvents”.  In your experience of what “solvent” is less harmful, what’s your recommendation?  I work in a golf store part-time and they use paint thinner.  A bit messy!  Thanks!
Chris, Black Earth, Wisconsin, USA


I use mineral spirits with no problem.  You can also use water activated tape and water if you need to be “totally” safe.



July 7th, 2009. Read more articles on Grips and Repair.

Regripping Irons

I have regripped a set of Adams Idea Tech A4OS Irons numerous times and the grips never seem to dry totally, especially at the butt section they move even days later. I have installed thousands of grips and never have experienced this before. I first used Brampton solvent, then went back to varsol, and the grips are .600 multi-compound and with tape the butt diameter is about .610. Any ideas?
Darcy, Welland, Ontario, Canada


I have no idea what the issue could be.  As you are skilled at installing grips and the sizes seem to be correct, I really cannot say why they are not setting up.  Sorry.



June 24th, 2009. Read more articles on Grips.

Shaft and Grip Diameter

How do your determine core size when regripping clubs?
Don, Tucson, Arizona, USA


You measure the shaft butt diameter. If you do not have calipers, check the manufacturer’s specs for this information. Then, for a standard size grip, choose a grip core size that matches the shaft diamter. For example, if the shaft diameter is .600″, a 60 core grip makes a standard size grip. The addition of masking tape over the shaft creates a larger grip diameter at the rate of just slightly less than +1/64″ oversize per grip of typical masking tape. Calipers are required for exact accurate sizing.



January 11th, 2008. Read more articles on Grips and Procedures.

Leather Grips

Are leather grips any better than rubber grips? MasterGrip advertises better performance. Is there any thing to it?
Valentino, Columbia, South Carolina, USA


Of course a company who sells leather grips is going to tell you it’s better than rubber – and vice versa. Leather will provide a different (softer) feel than rubber. It will be much more expensive, but if you like the feel, then go for it. There is no playability advantage of one over the other.



December 19th, 2007. Read more articles on Grips.

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