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Cameron Loft & Lie Machine

Is there a market for a numbered Scotty Cameron loft & lie machine?
Mike, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


There is a market for anything Cameron-related right now. As to value, check with Jim Butler at Table Rock Golf for a quote and additional information. Tell him Equip2Golf sent you.



February 23rd, 2013. Read more articles on General and Products.

TaylorMade Rocketbladez Trimming Info

How do i get tip trimming info on TaylorMade Rocketbladez graphite rescue hybrid shafts i want to install in my irons?
Jon, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA


As the shafts are proprietary to TaylorMade and are designed specifically for them, there will be no place that you will be able to get trim instructions from TaylorMade for installing them in other clubs. See my other reply for an educated estimate of how to trim them.



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Ben Hogan Radials

How can you tell if Ben Hogan Radials that are underlined are ’87-’89 forged or ’92 cast? Also do you know the specs for ’83-’86 1 iron? Your help would really be appreciated.
Richard, Des Moines, Iowa, USA


If there is a line, they are made earlier in Hogan history and they are forged. The 1 iron would be 56 lie, 40″ length and +/-17.5 loft.



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Scotty Cameron Putter Reshaft

I’d like to reshaft a Cameron Circa 62 #2 putter. Do you know what type shaft I’m looking for and where to find it? Also, is there a possibility of find this shaft in black?
David, Acworth, Georgia, USA


It is a .370 tip putter shaft. I do not think it is available in black. Try or



November 30th, 2011. Read more articles on Products and Reshaft.

Wedge Shaft Fitting

Hi there, I’m a 3 handicap golfer playing a set of Snake Eyes irons with True Temper Dynamic Black Gold stiff shafts which I like, I would like to build a set of custom wedges should I go heavier or lighter with wedge shafts than my irons or softer or stiffer in frequency. I have done some research and it seems a lot of pros are going for softer flex wedge shafts could you please elaborate on above and advise which shafts would be a good combo against my irons many thanks in advance.
Richard, Limerick, Ireland


While there is no 100% answer that works for everyone, most players like their wedges a bit heavier and a bit softer. If the heads are heavier, the same shafts will play softer, so if you do this, it kind of takes care of both the weight and flex. If you want more, spin, try a shaft like the Spinner Dynamic Gold.



November 3rd, 2011. Read more articles on Fitting and Products.

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