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Ping Club Restoration

I have set of Ping irons and woods that I would like to restore to original condition again. Where do I go to have this done?
David, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


I’d recommend the Golfworks,



July 7th, 2014. Read more articles on Repair.

Titleist Driver Rattle

I heard a suspicious noise inside the shaft of my Titleist 910 driver. Disassembled the grip I found a small metal cylinder. What is it about? Maybe a weight to calibrate the swing weight? Can I replace the grip without worry about it, or could be a part of the adapter that Titleist use on their woods?
Alessio, Dimaro (TN), Italy


It’s most likely a weight; definitely not part of the adapter. Just let it fall out and then install the grip.



May 5th, 2014. Read more articles on Repair.

Used TaylorMade Drivers

I stopped at a 2nd swing store to look at used TaylorMade drivers and the faces of the clubs appeared refurbished. Is there a product that can restore or cover up small scratches on the face of a driver?
Steve, Willmar, Minnesota, USA


The club face can be sandblasted or wire brushed to make it look newer.



February 14th, 2014. Read more articles on Repair.

Hogan Apex 4 Irons

How to remove hosel pins from Hogan Apex 4 irons?
Hugh, South Bend, IN, USA


Use a pin punch to knock them through. Then you can use pliers to pull them the rest of the way out.


July 16th, 2013. Read more articles on Repair.

TaylorMade Regrip

I have a set of TaylorMade Rac OS irons (2003) with regular flex Precision 95 gram light metal shafts that I want to regrip. Any idea of what core size grip to to use, shaft diameter? Ditto for TaylorMade V-steel 3 and 5 metal with True Temper Dynamic Gold Lite metal shafts. Thanks Gents.
Dave, Kingston, New York, USA


60 core will work fine.



July 15th, 2011. Read more articles on Repair.

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