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Repairing and Rechroming Old Irons

Does anybody rehab older clubs anymore as I have my fathers set that is about 40 years old. I want to re-chrome & replace the shafts & grips. Just wondered if anyone did this anymore. If so who & where?
Louis, Mt. Vernon, Texas, USA


Look to or for repairs and rechroming of older irons.




April 2nd, 2011. Read more articles on Repair.

TaylorMade Driver Broken Hosel

I have been building clubs for about 5 years, but I have an TaylorMade R9 Deep driver with a broken hosel and adapter. Can the small sleeve that goes down into the hosel or really the head be pulled out. It almost looks like a 1/8″ ferrule and appears to be pressed into the hosel or head of the club. Problem is, if it can be pulled. I can not seem to find one. Do you think TaylorMade will warranty this thing? The original adapter broke at the spline on the tip and this caused the edge of the hosel to fracture. Thanks. Tee One Up
Cain, Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA


While the hosel piece can be pulled apart, the risk of damage is high. TaylorMade should repair it under warranty; I would contact them.



February 26th, 2011. Read more articles on Repair.

Titleist Driver Shaft Sleeve

On a Titleist 905r driver, the steel sleeve between the ferrule and club head is missing after the shaft got broken, any ideas on a fix? I have a 7/8′ ferrule to go on with the new stiff flex ETA shaft. Will this suffice? Thanks.
Al, Calumet, Michigan, USA


Go to for a steel sleeve.



June 7th, 2010. Read more articles on Products and Repair.

Titleist 905R Driver Reshaft

I have a Titleist 905R driver with the shaft broken off 1/2″ inside the hosel. I’ve been told by the 2 club repair men in my area the club is junk, throw it out. Where can I find a shaft for the bore through head and what length should the club finish out at?
Al, Calumet, Michigan, USA


Any .335″ shaft will work; standard length is 45″. The shaft will need to be drilled out, but is definitely not junk – other than it is an older model.



May 31st, 2010. Read more articles on Repair and Reshaft.

TaylorMade Iron Replacement Shaft

I have a broken TaylorMade rac R7 6iron with regular flex steel shaft and shaft band that says T-Step Ultralite. What would be the closest replacement? Thanks.
Mike, Durham, North Carolina, USA


True Temper’s Dynalite Gold makes a close replacement choice.



April 14th, 2010. Read more articles on Products and Repair.

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