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Hogan Shafts

I have a set of Hogan Legend II graphite shafts to install. They have a 355 tip. They are Frequency Matched High Modulus regular flex. Do I install and butt trim only? Thanks.
James, New Port Richey, Florida, USA


Yes, they are butt trim only.



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Ping Shafts

Hello, does Ping still make their own shafts for their clubs & putters. Regards.
Ken, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Ping never did make their own shafts. Typically they used True Temper for steel and currently use them and KBS as steel sources.



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Transition and Shaft Fitting

What difference does transition make in shaft fitting? Also does swing speed make a difference in kick point? Thanks.
Louis, Mount Vernon, Texas, USA


Transition (or tempo) influences the shaft weight you need. Quicker tempo is usually suited to heavier weight shafts. Swing speed alone does not relate to kick point. Kick point is influenced by a combination of factors including speed, tempo, angle of attack and path.



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Mizuno Iron Shaft Selection

I’m looking to buy a used set of Mizuno JPX 825 Pro irons. I’d like some advice as to which shaft Mizuno offers would be best suited for me. I currently play Callaway X-20’s with the steel Uniflex shaft. I have a high ball flight and hit a 7 iron about 155 yads. My swing speed with an iron is 77-82 mph. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.
Doug, Trenton, USA


If you like the Callaway shaft, the new XP 105 or 95 are good choices in R flex



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Mizuno Iron Shaft Replacement

I have a set of Mizuno MP-37 irons. Unfortunately I lost my 9 iron and have purchased a replacement head already. My questions is about the shaft that I need to locate. The irons came with Rifle FCM 6.5 shafts that are 1/2 inch longer than standard. Given that Rifle shafts are no longer made, I’m left looking for a used Rifle shaft that meets these parameters. What is the actual length of the shaft that I’m looking for? I found a 6.5 on eBay that’s 35.75 inches long, Will that work? its .355 tapered as well.
Hunter, Fairview, Texas, USA


That shaft should work. Without knowing the initial length of the shaft, I can’t say for sure though. Finding a raw uncut Rifle might be tough, so I’d go with the one you have found.


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