Installing Oversize Grips

Jeff, is there a trick to installing the SuperStroke, TaylorMade Spider, and similar putter grips? I have a devil of a time with them. They seem to squeegee the adhesive off as they go on. I have been using .600 butts.
John, Harriman, Tennessee, USA


Just make sure the grip tape goes all the way to the bottom of the grip and use lots of solvent. Other than that, there’s no special tricks!



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Ping Eye2 Reshaft

Can I reshaft my Ping Eye2 irons from ZZ Lites to a Senior Graphite?
Jim, Oroville, California, USA


As long as the senior shafts are taper tips, the answer is yes.



June 28th, 2014. Read more articles on Reshaft.

Hogan Shafts

I have a set of Hogan Legend II graphite shafts to install. They have a 355 tip. They are Frequency Matched High Modulus regular flex. Do I install and butt trim only? Thanks.
James, New Port Richey, Florida, USA


Yes, they are butt trim only.



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Yonex Fairway Wood Reshaft

How do you reshaft a Yonex ADX 200 fairway wood?
Randy, Bullard, Texas, USA


If memory serves me correctly, the head is titanium in some model years and graphite in others. If it’s titanium, it goes like a normal reshaft. If it’s graphite, the best way to ensure saving the head is to drill the shaft out. Heating the composite head will likely damage it.



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Bullet Irons Specs

Bullet .444 Oversizeā€ Irons Hello, I was doing some research into these, but it’s an outdated set and info is hard to find, I have a chance at a set and have found three different “Progressive Weight System” designations: PWS-S, PWS-F, PWS-U. Are those lie angles (standard, flat, upright), or something different? If it’s lie (upright), can it be changed or adjusted to standard? Thanks.
Robert, Rockledge, USA


These are more than 20 years old. They are cast, but can be bent. You are correct on the lie designations.



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